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  • What is New Asianism?

    New Asianism is a system of living based on Food, Fun, and Freedom; which is saying--


    "My Life is my Life and I have this one Life so what kind of LIfe am I going to live?"


    Principles and systems that have made Asians #1 in income, education and satisfaction with Life.


    What New Asianism does


    New Asianism talks to people and explores places and things that bring New Asian Living to Life.




    New Asianism shows ways that New Asians nutrify and fortify their mind body, Spirit through the sensual and sensory aspects of food, drink and beauty.




    New Asianism explores people, places and things that are out of the box. This is not a review like Zagats or Fodor, but an exploration of the systems that go into building a maximum Life experience of adventure and excitement.




    New Asianism explores the Zen aspects of release from the constraints that keep us from fully living our dreams. Talking with martial artists, philosophers, skilled craftsmen thinkers and builders, New Asianism shows you how to summon up the "chi" of your deepest desires for your internal power to reflect in the external world.


    What New Asianism is

    New Asianism is subscriber- funded. For only $2 a month, you can get access to all New Asianism material


    New Asianism is a portal to your own path. Whatever insights you gain, and hopefully there will be many, it is because you have sparked an inner desire to change.


    New Asianism is fundamental. It is not airy- fairy wind chimes and yoga pants. New Asianism digs into what makes "enlightenment" and how we can apply it to our lives.


    New Asianism is Food, Fun and Freedom. The most joyous people are Asians, immigrants and people who have the least, because they live the most. They see the world through baby eyes and every moment is an opportunity. New Asianism strives to find out how we can rediscover that fascination in ourselves.

  • About us

    I was like so many people who buy into the square hole of obedient "money citizen". I was the "good" Asian boy; college, degree, great job with 6- figure income, married with kids and a 5 bedroom picket fence life.


    I was so busy making money, I didn't have time to breathe, and then when I got hit with divorce and downsizing, and the debts accumulated, I realized one overriding thing--


    "there is no wall high enough to keep out life".


    I'd bought into all the things I was "supposed to do" and it blew up in my face. I became a financial advisor to figure out where I went wrong. I found myself in the world's biggest pyramid scheme. It bore out what Warren Buffet said--


    "Finance is the only place where people in limousines are getting advice from people riding the subway"


    It was then I met a Shaman, a Native American medicine woman, who taught me concepts of "less is more", burying anger and stress, and integrating mind, body, Spirit, which my mind was ready and open to.


    I looked around at my past of 16 hour days, worrying about bills and "keeping up with the Joneses" and then at the Native American way, and the ways of my Asian friends, family and the 1000s of immigrants I'd dealt with in my education career.


    They did more with less,they were happier, more optimistic, less stressed and they had MORE money than me! When I finally was able to look at my situation and what I really, truly wanted, my money situation improved almost overnight.


    I traveled, met all my needs and had a better quality of life than when I was making 10 times more. And it all came about because I turned my back on most of the "conventional" things I'd been taught would fill a hole in me, and learned how to find fulfillment within myself.


    My Shaman, my friends and family, immigrants, are all able to do this, working on their own, with family, with kids, with bills and rent. They're able to do it because those who succeed look at money differently. They buy into a different "system". They choose Food, Fun, Freedom Forever, as a life purpose.


    Get Shamanized!


    Talk to a Shaman on how to heal the trauma and internal separation that keeps you from achieving your true money levels to get to Food, Fun and Freedom.

    Sign up to get your copy of Shaman Explained and get a free consultation with Medicine Woman and Shamanic Practitioner. Discover how this experience will transform you and help you become a Moneymaker.

    People are raving about the MoneyLove Experience. The New Asianism is changing old money habits and paradigms into new Food, Fun and Freedom. Sign up for All Access to the tools and resources and see for yourself!

  • My Creds

    Hi, I am Terry Chung. The new Asianism came about......I have created programs for: SBA, L.A. Unified School District, L.A.P.D. I have written articles for SINGULAR and KoreAm. (Really talk yourself up here and sell yourself!)

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