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The Power Emotions that all Great cultures use

There’s not an Asian I know that does affirmations. Me, as an “Americanized” Asian, I’ve stood in front of a mirror and silently mouthed chants for “prosperity” and “abundance”. I ended up broke.

I’ve conferred with the swamis of the Fair Winds, a lot of them wild haired hippies who are house-sitting for their friends, and they proclaim “the world is a beautiful place” as they eat beet roots and live in the back of their van.


This is nothing against meditation, yoga, incense, or any of the “mind cleansers” that are popular these days. But they’re limited, and the most successful people I know, are successful despite these “enlightenments”.


Having observed all the Asian family and friends around me, having dealt with 1000s of Asians and immigrants in my 20 + years of education, having been raised on a farm by 2 amazin’ Asian women who owned their own shit at a time when a “woman’s place was in the kitchen”, Asians don’t do the wind chimes “we are the world” type shit.


We may have sold “nam yo ho renge kyo” to suit the Western lifestyle, but we prefer to go a much more practical route. These are the real emotions we use on ourselves and our kids in the privacy of our own homes;



“I have dishonored the family name”


This works much better than “you are good, you are benevolent, you are open to abundance”. Samaurai would kill themselves, Asians would cut off fingers, over matters of honor. Disgrace and saving face are much better motivators than “get in touch with your chi”. Your “chi” means nothing without your good name.



“Certain death is around the corner because I didn’t pull an “A” in math”


As previously mentioned, Asians invented ritual suicide. Any other culture would think this is heartless and cruel, but THAT’S the road to greatness. Every Asian civilization knew from the get go “things could get ugly”. Humility is an Asian trait because every time we’ve been arrogant, we’ve been atomic bombed. The fear of arrogance also gets your ego to behave.



“I can never show my face again because of my dishonor”


Shame has gotten a really bad rap, but ostracism,shame, and ridicule are great tools for molding hearts and minds. Koreans know this. My aunts, uncles, grannies, think nothing of grabbing some overweight girl’s love handles and shouting “you’re fat!” It’s a LOT more effective than tolerating and gently suggesting Weight Watchers. Our Asian women are beautiful, thin, and stylish in large part out of shame. Who wants to be the ugly duckling at church and social gatherings? You’ve got to exceed past all expectations. Excellence is born out of shame. Really, when you look at beach whales with rolls of fat hanging over their halter tops, wouldn’t a little shame be nice?



“I will beat and stomp the dead hearts of my enemies”


Enemies are a good thing because hate and vengeance are great weapons to get you moving in a positive direction. Hitler hated art school rejecting him so he rose up to stomp out art. Stalin hated his acne so he created Big Russia and imprisoned all the people who made fun of him. China took over the world because Marco Polo stole their pizza, ice cream, and gun powder. Maybe this is not the impact you want to make, but you are going to get a LOT farther harboring vengeful thoughts than saying “the world is good” and “people have the best intentions”, because truthfully, if people need to jack you up for their self interest, most will. Ask Mark Zuckerberg, who got rich because of a bad date. Greatness comes from “a plate served cold”. We Koreans even have a word for it. After 100s of years of war and occupation, what got us through? Han; def; the raging against pain and suffering, knowing you will have the final revenge. And yes, we did.


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