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The Martial Art of Asian Beauty

The old saying, “steel fist in a velvet glove” applies very much to Asian women and their adherence to beauty.


These old stereotypes of Asian women as geishas who are effortlessly beautiful, could not be further from the truth.


Asian women take their beauty very seriously. As seriously as superstar athletes.


Beauty is not a “given”.


It’s not something you wake up to.


You have to work at it. You have to practice it. You have to “live” it.


Asian beauty is a real “martial art” because it incorporates all the principles required in a martial art —







Too many people think a great complexion is foundation and concealer.


Too many people imagine their 20 year old body in 40 year old skin.


Too many people get deluded and distracted by the outer shell and then get defeated when their inner core doesn’t match up.


Beauty NEVER lasts if it’s external.


Beauty is everlasting when it comes from within.


The Asian practice of martial arts is integral to beauty, not because of the punches and kicks, because of the inner fortitude.


The Asian practice of yoga is integral, not because of the stretching, but the integration of mind, body, Spirit.


The Asian practice of meditation is not in the sitting, but in the release of imagination.


All of these things make you a vital, alive, interesting person.


When you use makeup and surgery to enhance beauty, you’re creating a shell.


When you connect that inner self, you radiate beauty. And it’s a light that doesn’t go out, no matter your age.


Milennial Asians like Aria D and Wendy W are natural beauties, not because they’re young, but because they’re in tune with their inner ingredients.


They are not afraid to sweat for their beauty.


They are not afraid to smear their makeup for their beauty.


They are not afraid to work and work hard for their beauty.


And they don’t give their beauty a second thought, because it is in the effort, it is in the striving, to reach your potential that reveals your true inner self.


It is through the validation of your inner self, by yourself, that your true beauty shines through.


“The #metoo movement has been infiltrated by a lot of snowflakes who take a “victim” mindset”


“Jiu- Jitsu, you gets you out of that “dainty” mentality of “ I don’t want to smear my makeup” and tie up your ponytail and get down and dirty to fight”


“Fighting” should not be a bad word. You fight for everything important in Life”

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