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The Food, Fun, FreedomTour

New Asianism is all about finding the interesting people, places, and things that integrate mind- body- Spirit, to increase Food, Fun, and Freedom.

We all know how to work, how to do the 9- 5, and run the rat race.

What we really need to RE- learn is how to relax and ENJOY ourselves.

Old Asia wisdom brought forth yoga, tantra, meditation, the kama sutra, martial arts, that were specifically for integrating mind- body- Spirit.

But in the modern day, we’ve segregated those parts of ourselves. We’ve lost touch with our core joy.

New Asianism is about bringing the en- JOYment back into our lives. As the saying goes —

“Work harder to play hard”

I had the life of “bills, mortgage, taxes”, working at a job I said I’d never do, burdened, crushed with responsibilities, and watching my Life go by.

Then I lost it in divorce and downsizing. I was in so much debt I lived out of my car temporarily.

But in those long nights of the soul, I had time — time to think on my 20 +years in education, dealing with immigrants who came here with nothing, not even language, and preserved their joy.

I thought on all my Asian relatives, who didn’t tolerate the 9- 5 Life and built their own lives. Who were willing to sacrifice comfort and security for the adventure of pursuing their dreams.

I got into Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu, I met a Native American healer, I started to travel. Through these experiences, I came to see the “why” of my existence.

I came to see the preciousness of time.

I came to see that Life is not a gift, but an “art”, like a martial “art”, that is a job, a craft, that we must constantly work on to make it work.

Too many of us work at the wrong things, and in this most precious time we have on this earth, there IS no time to waste.

As I said, New Asianism is about finding those people, places, and things, the New Asian “1st discoveries” of this world that are Food, Fun, and Freedom.

Because at the end of the day, Food, Fun, and Freedom are what we all strive for, and are the only things that matter.

These discoveries take effort and money , so I’m depending on your benevolence to support the “cause”.

Strive with me. Be a part of the movement to bring more meaning to the undernourished parts of our lives! For less than the price of coffee at a cheap donut shop!

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