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Stuck, stressed, in a rut? Get Shamanized!

Joye A Peters is a medicine woman with 20 years of experience based on Ojibwa Native American medicine, and shamanism, a science older than Jesus. Her practice focuses on integrating mind- body- Spirit. She studied under world renowned Sun Bear, founder of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society, Dr. Michael Harner of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, and Sandra Ingerman.

The AMA is only 171 years old. Modern medicine has only been around for a few hundred years and when they started calling it “modern”, they were still cutting off legs as the cure to poison ivy.


Before that, civilizations got by for over 12,000 years with Shamans, healers, and medicine people as the “go to” in every community. Set aside a few years for Jesus healing blind people, lepers, and feeding Wembley Stadium crowds with a loaf of bread and hey! He was doing Shaman healing!


Shamanism comes from the beginning of times, from the Mongolian steppes to China to Russia to the Great Plains of the Native American tribes.


At the core of every Asian civilization was the Shaman, and they must have done some (many) things right.


Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, the Sillas and the Mings, built armies that could ride for days on vegan diets, while Westerners were choking on bad meat and filthy bodies that drew rats, vermin, and the Black plague.


While Western folk were slaughtering buffalo as sub species for their pelts, Native Americans were honoring the animals as part of the cycle of Life, as part of the Shamanic inspired Native American medicine tradition.


These days, Shamanism has been pushed to the fringes of alternative medicine, like an overaged punk rocker. This is after 12,000 years of legitimacy. In place of it are pill commercials every 5 minutes and psychtropic drugs that will turn you from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde.


Here’s some things to know before you pop that next upper- downer- anti-depressant-stimulant;


Shamanism focuses on the core as the cure

Modern medicine is all about making you feel better and making the it “go away”, with drugs and surgery. But your body-mind has been traumatized. Your Spirit has been de-commissioned. You have to take a ton of drugs as follow-up, and because you haven’t taken care of the deep inside, you relapse, things recur, you’re on constant repeat. Shamanism gets to the source of trauma, to the embedded damage in your psyche, to the frayed threads that caused all this in the first place. It’s about the “whole” in holistic.


It’s done without drugs or surgery

We’re so used to a “pill for every ill”,that we never stop to consider, every ailment is not about just one thing. It’s not about what you ate, the cigarettes you smoked, your diet and exercise plan. It’s about the mind-body-Spirit and how something happened to disrupt the symmetry of their operation. This goes much deeper than x-rays and a bottle of pills. This goes to the heart of who you are and though undeniably, pills and surgery are necessary to many modern ailments, the things that are not addressed are exactly where Shamanism can come in.


Damn right it’s metaphysical

When you see a miracle happen, like cripples walking and people coming back from what you interpret as “dead”, well, they crucified Jesus over such things! This is what a Shaman does; they journey to another level to commune with spirits, to bring wisdom, knowledge, and healing. In our Christian based society this is sacrilege! We may have a guy who healed lepers and cripples and turned water into wine, but he was in the Bible! This is “medicine” and people did call it medicine that’s been around for 12,000 years, and believe me, even in a profit- based capitalistic society, people aren’t gonna buy into something for that long that doesn’t work. It WORKED.

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