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Robin Kellogg;

How to "crisis manage" your Life

"Dealing with red tape"

Robin Kellogg was a successful businesswoman with a career in marketing when she was hit with a parents’ nightmare — her son Seth, was diagnosed with a major illness.


Termed “moyamoya”, this disease constricts vessels in the brain, causing seizures similar to epilepsy.


It requires hyper- vigilance, and Robin details the toll it took on her, her family, and especially the people around her, in her book A LIFE PUT ON HOLD.


Not only did she have to deal with the personal crisis, but it gave rise to a whole subculture of people exhibiting their own fears. She writes about how she had to deal with others, even those close to her, who reacted with shame and blame as much as sympathy.


She talks about the behavior of institutions that are supposed to “help” but instead “hinder” through red tape, bureaucracy, arrogance, and ignorance.


She talks about the gauntlet of fears, doubts, and abject terror, she had to go through on a daily basis.


All of these were her personal journey, and the lessons she learned along the way. These enlightenments and moments of personal resilience, through love, faith, and perseverance, are all journaled in A LIFE PUT ON HOLD.


Robin is now committed to telling her story, and more important, using the lessons she learned to help others apply to their lives.


No one has the same situation, but whenever we go through crisis and difficulty in our lives, we need the same qualities to get through.


Robin makes herself available personally, to help others in need. To provide the inspiration and advice for others to “crisis manage” when they need to.

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