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Corinne Ho, Internal Beauty

Corinne Ho is a community activist who someone referred to as the “Asian Angelina” because like movie star Jolie, she combines beauty and brains toward a greater good.

She’s Chinese from Madagascar, that Afro- Asian island in the Indian Ocean. It’s a warrior culture with hot- blooded fever, and like eternally beautiful women, she radiates that passion beneath her calm exterior.

She conveys that passion in her work with the homeless, fighting against human trafficking, and getting people to vote.

“Activism” is action, and by stimulating yourself to something greater than yourself, you are reflecting the best part of yourself.

Too often, we’re deluded into thinking beauty is cosmetic and what’s on the outside. But as Corinne shows, beauty starts from your internal perception of yourself.

The messages you convey to yourself reflect to the outside world. When we’re “self- involved” we become smaller. When we’re “self- aware” we walk through this world with substance and that is the true beauty that connects us with others.

What’s your favorite saying?

“if you’re going to fight for something, fight with your feet, not with your mouth”.

What’s the best thing about being New Asian?

We know revolutions and revolutions don’t begin in the streets. It begins with you finally saying “I matter”. It matters. We also know power. Most people think the “power” is “out there”. We don’t realize that the real power is in our hearts and minds. By ignoring our hearts and minds, we are giving up before even getting up.

How do you relax?

Meditation, breathing, beads. But also going out and engaging. Life IS politics. It IS activism. It’s the war to change, to strive, to rise to the challenge of something better.

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