• “Food, Fun, Freedom Forever”

  • Inspiration Management

    Retire! Refire, Inspire... to manage our Lives.


    Too much of our Lives are invested in caring about the wrong things, trying to control that which we can't control, trying to replace the frustration of not getting or knowing what we need, with a bunch of "wants". Spending our Time and effort, climbing the wrong tree in somebody else's yard.

    Break Life down to Basic Simple

    Work harder to play more; What are we using our Time for? How can we do more, for what we’re here for?


    New Asianism discovers the people, places and things that are doing that.

    New Asianism Gives You

    • Your own personal Rhyme
    • The Rock ‘n Roll Food, Fun, Freedom Tour
    • EGuide
    • Exclusive Access; Xtreme Asia Show
    • The 5 Essential Questions

    If you’re stressed, Life’s a mess,

    Too busy, running yourself dizzy;

    How to use your Time spent, for more enjoyment

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