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    New Asianism is an information entertainment site dedicated to busting the myths that stereotype peoples' minds, especially about Asians, Asian- Americans, & Americans who think they're Asian

    Warning; If you are easily offended, culturally sensitive, or a member of the fascist police, this material may be too explicit for you.


    MythBust #1


    Asians truly are Super People & 92% of Asian men have 10" penises.

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    Busting the myths that make Life Complicated

    Riches to Rags to Glory

    Real stories of the lousy lies to get to the Truth

    ImmigrantMind of Success

    "job, work hard, fail, focus, passion, blah, blah, blah"

    NA has studied 1000s of immigrants who come here with nothing & get everything. You think a rice peasant is smarter than your Ph.D ass? Hell Yes! The ImmigrantMind Show is all about telling the Truth about REAL Success & practical knowledge that only immigrants possess.

    The MBA of MMA

    "Tests, books, lectures, grades, degrees, college, blah, blah, blah"

    Black holes exist called the "education system". With 20 + years in education NA admits you need to re- educate all future generations OUT of the system. The MBA of MMA Show shows the REAL Life skills that are Mind- Body integrators & how to build the Team that will get you through the fight.

    Dragon Happy

    "Happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, blah, blah, blah"

    NA sucks at math & science, but we can verify that we're one solar flare away from total extinction. That should be reason for great optimism. The Dragon Happy Show shows how we Asians, who come from icy regions, atomic bombed, starvation, genocide, tsunamis, volcanoes, & Godzilla, have made sake out of stale rice. It's got nothing to do with "happily ever after" either.

    Support the Food, Fun, Freedom Tour!

    Asians know nothing is complete until you eat

    Life stinks until you drink

    and you can only pee when bladder is free


    NOBODY parties like Asians & this Tour will bring you news that Fodors or Zagats dare not do

    Adopt your own Personal AARP

    If you care about global warming, foster kids, or cruelty to animals... then surely, you will support the cause of AARPs...

    (Asian American Retired People)

    The neglected segments of society living right under your nose, who are discriminated against simply because of AGE.


    If you truly want a more compassionate, better world, & get some experienced wisdom over the senior breakfast at Dennys, donate $1 per month to supporting your very own AARP.


    You'll get a picture & bio of the AARP you adopt. We're so open, we even accept non- Asians as AARPs in Disguise!

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