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    What is “opening up”?


    A lot of people say they’re “open”

    But they’re closed tighter than a mason jar

    They say they’re “open minded”

    But they can’t see very far


    Like me, I said

    “I want to do this and that

    I want to travel and see new things

    I want to shed my lousy job STAT”!


    But when push came to shove

    I never quite got off the pot

    I closed up my options like a clam

    And watched as there went my shot


    I never got the message

    From my brain to my soul

    It got interrupted by fear and doubt

    And the laziness of being on the “dole”


    It’s easy to live with easy

    A life of comfort and “Nice”

    It’s much harder to open your mind

    To stand up and roll the dice


    But when I was forced to open

    It was enlightenment that’s to be sure

    On my own I’d never have opened

    To this thought of new adventure


    Only by grace

    Did I ever come around

    But only by grace

    Was this “new Life” ever found




    The heartwarming, heartbreaking true life story of a mother discovering her inner Bushido when dealing with the worst nightmare a parent can face. Triumph of the human Spirit through the power of courage, determination and forebearance. A must- read for anyone looking for inspiration and inner power.

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