• The Martial "Art" of Life

  • What is New Asianism?

    Based on 12,000 years of Asian culture, New Asianism is about-- "MMA can save your Life"


    MMA-- call it "mixed martial arts", we call it "major movement awareness"


    Move the body

    Move the mind

    Move spiritual constipation!

    "Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu did more for me than 20 years of school"


    It opened my mind up like a nutcracker and showed me it's not about "self" defence, but LIFE defence. With New Asianism, I want to explore and report the many varied ways that MMA will change, stimulate and transform you much more than gym memberships and treadmills to nowhere.


    MMA-- the circle of Life


    I report on how MMA shows us to defend our lives from the distractions that keep us from integrating mind, body, Spirit, and restore--





    Handling panic and stress

    Strategic thinking

    The art of "no way- way"

    Finding beauty

    Inner peace

    Directing good energy, diverting negative energy

    To embrace the journey and the result



    New Asianism reports from the front lines


    with the people, places and things that are the essence of MMA-- the human "art".


    The Sages-- Movers and shakers who are using MMA to enhance and enlighten beyond traditional formulas.


    Soul MMA-- Practitioners who specialize in alternative healing like Shamanism and Native American medicine to tighten internal defenses to fend off external invaders.


    The Street Fight of Life-- Prosperity and abundance are fine until you get punched in the mouth by a Life situation. "Stress, taxes, bills, rent"-- ways to develop the mindset to deal with these and put them down for good.


    Cowboy Bushido-- As an Asian from Montana, or as I call it "MontAsian", I report on discovering the outlaw spirit, your inner "cowboy bushido".





    What New Asianism is

    New Asianism is a portal to your own path. The path is not easy because you have to look inside yourself and be willing to find your own "MMA way".


    New Asianism is not a "self help" site. I only report and hopefully, you'll find something for yourself in that.


    New Asianism is subscriber- funded. You can support, help, perpetuate the New Asian experience to positively change lives--


  • About us

     Raised in Montana, moved to El- lay

    Cowboy boot Asian, back in the day

    Good job, car house, kids and a wife

    Pension and bills, livin' the good Life


    Then came divorce, downsizing and debt

    Wiped me out like tsunami, from a Life that was set

    Saw a class one day, "Jiu- Jitsu", it said

    Got crushed on the mat, like meat to lions fed


    Don't like pain or working out

    But something loosed in me, like it was jerking out

    The more I got in it, started to make sense

    I was putting my Life back, through "self" defence


    I'm not a fighter, mind you-- I suck at that

    But it reinflated my Spirit, that was so flat

    It invigorated hope, for things that mattered

    It rebuilt my dreams, that once were shattered


    This didn't happen, just overnight

    I had to get out there, and psychically fight

    I had to confront the dark nights of my soul

    But on the mats, my soul became whole


    We get fed junk food, about "money, job, school,

    Pay bills and taxes", we're getting fooled

    MMA opened the true way for me

    You must defend your right, to be truly free


    The Phoenix Project

    From Auschwitz to Hiroshima to Wounded Knee, there has been great injustice perpetrated on this earth that has robbed us of cultures, resources, and most vitally, the wisdom that could elevate mankind. The Phoenix Project is dedicated to consecrating hallowed land, purifying it through Shamanic and ancient healing practices derived from Asian and Native American cultures-- to reclaim the nearly lost wisdom that resides in the history of the ground we walk on.

    The wisdom of modern day sensei, regular people who are living the New Asian Lifestyle-- who have used it to achieve and build lives of excellence-- and who walk amongst us with humility and the knowledge of age and experience that they generously share with others.


    (in book or audio-- sent to you with your subscription)


    Also check out the New Asian Chronicles on youtube


    Interviews with "New Asians in Disguise" and more... CLICK HERE


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