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  • Hey, what's the New Asianism?

    Let me introduce myself.

    My name is Terry Chung (I go by Tae).

    I’m a failed Asian.

    What do I mean by “failed”? I am lousy at math and science. My Korean language skills suck. I lost all my money, my marriage and job then ended up living in my car in a Motel 6 parking lot. That was a long time ago and that doesn’t mean I am a failed person. In fact, just the opposite. Because of my previous failures, I am now an even more successful person without all the Asian stereotypes.

    “You've got to chill or you might get ill then killed.”

    (check out the video)

    Life can make you ill and then kill you. Take it from me, I got hit by a car, graduated to a truck, lost my hearing in one ear, detached my retina, I’d pass out and hit the ground for no reason. I had more congenital defects than a radioactive fish and even the doctors were dumbfounded. All the time it was right under my nose; 'the Purpose to Life is to have a Good time'!!

    That's me with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

  • Why you should Care

    You're probably asking yourself why you should care and keep reading. Simple. My perspective is uniquely immigrant, and immigrants KNOW how to have a great time, entertain, dance, dine, drink, overcome adversity and achieve dreams like the heavyweight champions of Life!

    What mindset drives immigrants to squeeze the juice out of every moment? I've studied the "success formulas" of tens of thousands of immigrants during my 20+ years as a teacher and Administrator with L.A. Unified School District.


    Too many people stand outside looking in, holding the limp water hose of their existence as they watch their lives go by in the rear view mirrors of passing cars.


    Bald Head Bushido

    Living Loud and Proud. Being Samaurai Bushido embracing your “inner badass”


    Asia Sexy

    Don’t be vanilla in a bland and boring world. The ways of “yellow Asia fever” that made us 3 billion strong and “Zen rich”.


    Enlightenment in a bottle

    The “New Asia” motto is "go BIG or die!” No halfway. Yellow NEVER sleeps.


    The Bushido Bartender

    Most already KNOW why they’re messed up in Life, face it with a good drink and the Bartender telling you like it is.


    Madam Na Noo Ning

    The cultural force of Yellow women in Asian society shaped the birth of nations. The wisdom of Madam Na can birth your New “inner Asia”.


    Your own personal JAAM

    Everybody needs a “Jewish American Asian Mom”. The person who can comfort and push you to excellence. Robin is the best there is.

  • My Creds

    I'm an expert in the "immigrant mind"

    20 + years educator, business, entrepreneur, lecturer, Licensed financial professional, Ex-Production executive at Disney and Paramount Studios, Educational and curriculum development at Gay and Lesbian Center Los Angeles, Board member at Pierce College Foundation

    and featured in Singular Magazine

  • Guerilla Life University

    How has Asian culture lasted so long, all while working 20 hour days and still managing to produce over 3 billion people (so much for sexual dysfunction). We’ve managed to rev up our economies while keeping our families stable. How? I was chugging along the “traditional way”, good job,...
    Most of my working life was spent grinding out a “living” with brief intervals of joy. I was a fantastically paid 9- 5er running the most successful adult ed program in the largest school district in the country. I knew very well how to work, but I had no idea how “not” to work. I was at...
    I’ve said before, martial arts “saved” my Life.  It taught me all the essential life skills, and it’s the greatest stress buster known to man.   It connects everything together   Martial arts is the ultimate mind- body- spirit connector.  You have to think, feel, and do, unlike reading the...
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  • Guerilla Life University

    Conversations with trend setters in their own communities

    who effect those around them, by living their lives they only way they know how.

    The Love of Food


    Malcolm runs a food blog in Southern California called isitanygood and he is the Sigmund Freud of Food.

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