• “Live big, play hard, be happy”

  • New Asianism
    Enlightenment through Entertainment

    The stuff that's fun is what you learn from


    "We don't need to work more, but to play better"


    That's what New Asianism is about

    The Joy of Enlightenment


    From a career in education to "education release". New Asianism is about learning the things that matter beyond classrooms and lectures


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    5 min. Enlightenment

    People aren't getting ahead because their motivation is dead

    Every tool you need to get what you want, is all around

    Doesn't take time or money, but open mind and ears

    1 Min. Zen

    Not readin', writin', rithmetic

    Only the skills that make you click

    The Aikido Attorney

    Movies, music, media, pop culture are not time- wasters

    They're your teachers, IF you learn to discern

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    Who is New Asianism?

    I'm Tae "the Genghis" of Chung and I was an educator for 20 + years at every level from middle school to high school to adult ed, from teacher to administrator, and this is what I LEARNED;

    • Education should be "Life skills" not "test skills"
    • Education does a woeful job of teaching anything that matters
    • The worst method of education is tests, classrooms and lectures
    • Education is what happens AFTER you finish school  
    • You can't be taught "initiative", and initiative is what you need to learn anything
    • Education should NEVER stop 

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    New Asianism is all about finding the interesting people, places, and things that integrate mind- body- Spirit, to increase Food, Fun, and Freedom. We all know how to work, how to do the 9- 5, and run the rat race. What we really need to RE- learn is how to relax and ENJOY ourselves. Old...
    I was raised in Montana on a vegetable farm, by 2 amazin’ Asian women who owned their own s@#t- in the heart of Marlboro Man country- at a time when a “woman’s place” was “in the kitchen”. I know Montana like the yellow of my skin, and Montana is the utopia paradise Nirvana of planet earth-if you...
    The old saying, “steel fist in a velvet glove” applies very much to Asian women and their adherence to beauty.   These old stereotypes of Asian women as geishas who are effortlessly beautiful, could not be further from the truth.   Asian women take their beauty very seriously. As seriously as...
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