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    It's all about Me

    I thought about sales funnels, etc. but then I got down to what I really want...MONEY.


    Money to travel on my Food, Fun, Freedom Tour, finding the people, places, and things that interest me and report back to you.


    Kind of like Anthony Bourdain without the ending.


    I'm not a self help guru or Wall Street tycoon


    But I know one thing... Success SUCKS! If you're living the traditional version.


    I had it... 6 figure inome, 5 BR house in the burbs, and I lost it ALL in divorce, downsizing, and debt.


    Then I looked around at all the relatives and immigrant people around me... they were a LOT better off and happier than I was.


    That's when I realized... I was a stuck individual with a rebel soul and guerialla Spirit that wasn't allowed to express itself.

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    Being a guerilla gorilla in the jungle is Enlightening


    BUT it costs MONEY. Not much; $1.99 a month and I'm good. But travel, bribing border guards, and production costs are NOT cheap!


    I believe in quantity of quality people achieving a quota.


    If you believe in charities, believe in the charity of travel, and uncovering the people, places, and things that make the world a better and more fun place.


    The Genghis thought this was important enough to conquer half the world...


    The Buddha sat under a tree for 10 years...


    You only have to contribute $1.99 a month.

    Who is New Asianism?

    I'm Tae "the Genghis" of Chung

    • failed Asian... suck in math and science
    • an educator for 20 + years
    • prestigious 6 figure income 5 BR house suburbanite
    • wiped out by divorce, downsizing, and debt, and I realized...

    All the things I thought and was taught... was a lie.


    School "teaches" you how to live a Life of "bills, taxes, and grind"


    There's a different way


    Alternative, "out of the box", "rebel guerilla" with an Asian flavor


    I call it...

    Feeding the rebel spirit of those fed up with the same old same old


    Breaking out of the brainwash


    Engaging with hope and humor


    If you have the pilot light of that Spirit, you're a New Asian..

  • Become a New Asian, even if you're not Asian. Get on the New Asian Channel to the world.

  • The Genghis 10 point philosophy of Life

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    New Asianism is all about finding the interesting people, places, and things that integrate mind- body- Spirit, to increase Food, Fun, and Freedom. We all know how to work, how to do the 9- 5, and run the rat race. What we really need to RE- learn is how to relax and ENJOY ourselves. Old...
    I was raised in Montana on a vegetable farm, by 2 amazin’ Asian women who owned their own s@#t- in the heart of Marlboro Man country- at a time when a “woman’s place” was “in the kitchen”. I know Montana like the yellow of my skin, and Montana is the utopia paradise Nirvana of planet earth-if you...
    The old saying, “steel fist in a velvet glove” applies very much to Asian women and their adherence to beauty.   These old stereotypes of Asian women as geishas who are effortlessly beautiful, could not be further from the truth.   Asian women take their beauty very seriously. As seriously as...
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