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  • New Asianism
    "Old School, New Rules"

    What New Asianism is


    New Asianism brings you people who have found the "Secret" to Good Money, Good Life and Real "Success"

    The foundation of Asian civilization has been built on Life's 3 Bigs--


    Old people, Money, and Wigs


    Old people bear Life's scars

    Money buys you cars

    Wigs make you better than you are


    These are the Essentials for everything that is Essential, to achieve Happiness and Success.


    and New Asian brings to you, the people who embody this point of view, who've stepped away from the "tried and true", and maybe help you too.



    Bald Head Bushido


    Short Meditations that tap your inner Zen

    The New Asian way to a Banzai Day; Commit to a cause without pause; & finding the direction to the erection of your Life!



    Ripe Wisdom


    Profiles of those who've lived and have much to give

    Those who are wise, because they've had the years to apprise; the common Sense of their own Experience, and are willing to share, because they care.



    Geisha Gorgeous


    The "Secrets" of Young Skin

    It comes from within, and these are the men and women, who Live more than the surface, of their outer face.



    Money Mojo


    The Zen of Money

    The Asian Way to get paid, and not just survive, but thrive, from people who've done it, and Won it, Be Immigrant; the most bang for buck, for Time spent.



    Alt Living


    Healing through feeling

    1000's of years of alternatives, to better Live, that they don't know at your HMO; before you take a pill for every ill, consider these ways that may raise the Wealth of your Health.



    I'm not an internet whiz


    With senior memory, there's a lot that I miss

    I'm deaf in 1 ear, my eyesight's not clear, and I have crinkles in my wrinkles; but everything that I know, that's helped me grow, I came to see, usually for free, from AARPs, and older Soul Young People.


    As the Genghis said, "To have the experience, to fulfill your dreams and looking good, brings up your wood". and he should know, he had 1000 wives.


    Stay Alive! Thrive! Live the New Asian Way, starting Today.



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