• “Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary”

  • Regular People are Brilliant

    Experts are all around, they just need to be found.


    New Asianism is—

    Telling stories about regular people living regular Lives with extraordinary resilience and resolve. How did they get there, what do they share, why do they do what they do, what is their point of view?


    Unedited, Un- P,C, People and Experiences that represent;


    Food-- not just to put on the table, use payroll to feed your Soul.-


    Fun--if there's just ONE person who Loves you, Relief! You're Lucky beyond belief.


    Freedom-- goals that align with your Soul.


    New Asianism, to Entertain & Enlighten

    Featuring Trailblazers, Frontrunners, & Fearless Champs

    The Korean Obama

    The Asian Angelina Jolie


    Reviews & Recommendations

    Yang Chow, Kung- Pow

    The MontAsians

    Exclusive Access, The Xtreme Asia Show

    The Rock 'n Roll Food, Fun, Freedom Tour

    The Dome in Cologne

    Drunk in Dublin

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