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    What makes Asians Super?

    New Asianism is an information entertainment site that features people who express the Samaurai Bushido Spirit of New Asians in everyday Life


    The Super People who live Life with inner courage in a day and age when the meek con- TROLL with snide comments and anonimity behind computer screens.


    New Asianism focuses on the New Asians and "New Asians in Disguise" who are doing what the great president Teddy Roosevelt said;


    "It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, but to the man who is actually in the arena"

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    Interviews with New Asians and New Asians in Disguise

    The Aikido Attorney

    Ian Shrago

    A lawyer who rises to the top of the most dog- eat- dog profession using peace and harmony. Science fiction? You have to listen to believe it.

    Crisis Managing 101

    Robin Kellogg

    Her Life was turned around when her child was diagnosed with a serious illness. How she kept it together and triumphed over bureacracies and red tape.

    Guru of the Golden Needle

    Joachim Marque

    How people are starting to realize the value of ancient medicine, alternative healing, and how to open your mind away from the brainwash of a "pill for every ill".

    Geisha Gorgeous

    Aria D

    Beauty and Asia are connected in Guamanian beauty and grounded Gorgeous Aria D. Sharing secrets to Lose weight, mental freight, and tap your inner "Tough Girl".

    The Most Interesting Asian in the World

    Doron Kim

    Business and BJJ expert Doron, explains how his mix of Asian and Jewish cultures nourish the skills for Success, Money, and Happiness.

    The Lama Desk

    with Dr. Mo Fo Yu

    The Ph.D of Life Energy sits down to answer your questions on LIfe's most pressing issues. Old school, New Asian advice.

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