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    New Asianism is an information entertainment site dedicated to busting the myths that stereotype peoples' minds, especially about Asians, Asian- Americans, & Americans who think they're Asian

    Warning; If you are easily offended, culturally sensitive, or a member of the fascist police, this material may be too explicit for you.


    MythBust #1


    Asians truly are Super People & 92% of Asian men have 10" penises.

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    Busting the myths that make Life Complicated

    Asian principles of Living to ridiculously rejuvenate the Vitamin Viagra of your Soul!

    Just Dance, Man!

    Myth #2; "Tomorrow's another day, Life is linear, Don't stand out"

    NA explores the people, places, & things,the movers & shakers who dare to be singular & show us how to get past the mundane, routine Brainwash that keeps us stuck in neutral.

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    Asians know nothing is complete until you eat, Life stinks until you drink, & you can only pee when bladder is free

    NOBODY parties like Asians & this Tour will bring you news that Fodors or Zagats dare not do

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