• “Live big, my friend, live big”

  • What is New Asianism?

    IAM-- “It’s All about Me”. We keep looking outside ourselves for answers, when really, the answer lies in our own navel.


    I'm Tae, the Genghis of Chung, and I this is what I realize;


    "The only things that matter in Life are Food, Fun, Freedom"


    • Food;  not just for the mouth, but to nourish the soul.
    • Fun;  not just "happy hour", but our sense of excitement and adventure.
    • Freedom;  not just America and liberty, but the liberation of you, to do what you want, when you want, outside of a pre- planned world.
    Finding that and bringing it to you is the purpose of New Asianism.

    Bald Head Bushido

    The secret to THE SECRET of Life


    Food- EAT like you mean it, if you’re not a drunk, drink


    Fun- pursue your right to life, liberty and happiness over bills, mortgage, taxes


    Freedom- work to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without guilt


    The Genghis Wild Horse Tour-

    pursuing Food, Fun, Freedom and the people, places and things that bring me that.


    The Roll

    Will go into the dojos, on the mats, with the warriors of Life who possess the greatest Life Skill known to man; martial arts. Rolling is sparring in martial arts terms. It's the way you know the character of a person and connect on a physical, mental and emotional level. In the Roll, you'll meet people with the courage to live Life on their own terms, through a "martial" Spirit.


    The Arena of Pop

    We Asians embrace "pop culture". It's shaped our societies. We're not distracted by it, we don't condemn it, it's not to be feared. In the "Arena of Pop" I'll show you how movies, music, media, contain valuable Life lessons that encapsulate Life. It's far, far cheaper than school and because we do it all the time, it's a LOT more fun!


    The Wounded Healers

    From the ashes of divorce, downsizing, and debt, I met a Native American healer. The more we talked, something happened; my blood pressure went down, I quit my job, I traveled more, I did more in one year than the previous 20. In the Wounded Healers, I introduce you to healers, medicine people, givers, who bring their wisdom and show how to tap inner power and align with nature.


    The Genghis 10 Point Philosophy- FRE

    The distillation of all the AARP (Asian American Retired Person) enlightenment I've gained over the years.


    The Xtreme Asia Show-

    featuring people I know, respect, and admire, who have found a secret to the Secret of Life.


    Become a New Asian, even if you're not Asian, for just a tiny fraction. Less than paper towels. $1.99 a month to get on the New Asian Channel to the world.




    Xtreme Asia Show

    Livin' the Dream

    Audio and video segments featuring our New Asian Team of "Really Interesting Asians" and "New Asians in Disguise"


    The Korean Anthony Robbins


    The Angelina Jolie of Madagascar


    The Aikido Attorney


    The Food Guru


    and the only man who brought Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake together!


    See and hear their wisdom, like hot sake to the Soul.


    Subscribe now! Support me in my efforts to set me free! For $1.99 a month less than a chocolate sprinkled doughnut. JUST CLICK HERE


  • New Asian Excerpts

    "Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu is the greatest Life Skill ever! If you lay under a 200 pound black belt bodybuilder long enough,every other problem just disappears"


    "Ban leaf blowers! It would immediately eliminate gas and noise pollution overnight. And really, is a passing motorist going 30 mph in a 5 mph zone REALLY going to notice a leaf out of place?"


    "There’s enough jobs that crush the human spirit. The happiest people I’ve seen are the ones that light up a joint and get a beer at the bar. There’s nothing better than chilling after a hard day- NOTHING. "


    "There’s a tiny fraction of humanity, who make it their personal mission to bug the hell out of you with their “cause”. Screw the cause! Let’s cut out the nutjobs and start taking goodies over to our neighbors, especially if they have opposite views so we know why the hell their opinions matter so much to them"


    "Traveling is such a pain in the ass! Berlin was 12 hours in commercial. I saw 3 AVENGERS movies but that only killed half the flight. I got drunk on free whiskey samples in Dublin. Getting blitzed does help with jet lag though"


    "We live in a Puritan world. The Natives were blown away by the Pilgrims. “Hey, just chill. Your crops are dead. You don’t have heat for the winter. You don’t take baths. Just have some pemmican seeds and smoke some peyote”.


  • The Bald Head 10 point philosophy of Life

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