• “Live big, my friend, live big”

  • What is New Asianism?

    IAM-- “It’s All about Me”. We keep looking outside ourselves for answers, when really, the answer lies in our own navel.


    I'm Tae, the Genghis of Chung, and I created New Asianism to 1) cut through some of the stereotypical BS of Life. 2) relate some of the experiences that resulted from my buying into the stereotypical BS 3) just say and do s--t as I see fit because really, watching s--t go down in Life is really entertaining! 4) have other people pay for it.



    Bald Head Bushido

    Adopt your own personal AARP


    (Asian American Retired Person). Ideally, it would be wonderful if you got Zen enlightenment inspriation from New Asianism but really, you're gonna do what you do. We're mainly immigrants in the mini-mall of LIfe. If I can just give you a moment of levity, maybe a chuckle, a tidbit you didn't know, I've done my job. But I still have to pay for internet and my phone. For only $2 a month, you'll finance me, your AARP tour guide out there hustling to find the inner Asianness in us all.


    We're all New Asians in Disguise


    “It was never about money it was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We show them that the human spirit is still alive”. (Bodhi, POINT BREAK)


    We all crawled out through a f--king tunnel just to be born, and we had hopes, dreams. We saw the light of a New Land, and maybe some of us ended up in cargo shorts, watering a concrete driveway and watching our lives pass by in the rear view mirrors of passing cars. But as long as you breathe, the dream is still alive! If you reignite THAT, you'll cross deserts drinking your own urine, you'll cross oceans on inner tubes fighting off sharks with chopsticks. You are the immigrant Asian as long as the dream flickers in you!




    Xtreme Asia Show

    Livin' the Dream

    I had the 6 figure income- 5 bedroom- 3 car garage- picket fence Life. I was on the ass end of the bottom 1%, and after I lost it all I discovered- THIS is the DREAM- waking up and realizing you can get up whenever you damn well feel like it. Doing whatever you feel like in your own time. Planning for s--t you're gonna do because you want to do it. Being alive and breathing! I want to do more of it for as long as I can, hopefully to my last breath. In the meantime. I’m talking to people who are living, aspire to, are thinking about grabbing the New Asian Dream, on my Xtreme Asia Podcast.


    “I don’t want to see the world through my phone. I want to see with my eyes, ears and feet”


    Support me in my efforts to set me free! For $1.99 a month less than a chocolate sprinkled doughnut.


  • New Asian Excerpts

    "Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu is the greatest Life Skill ever! If you lay under a 200 pound black belt bodybuilder long enough,every other problem just disappears"


    "Ban leaf blowers! It would immediately eliminate gas and noise pollution overnight. And really, is a passing motorist going 30 mph in a 5 mph zone REALLY going to notice a leaf out of place?"


    "There’s enough jobs that crush the human spirit. The happiest people I’ve seen are the ones that light up a joint and get a beer at the bar. There’s nothing better than chilling after a hard day- NOTHING. "


    "There’s a tiny fraction of humanity, who make it their personal mission to bug the hell out of you with their “cause”. Screw the cause! Let’s cut out the nutjobs and start taking goodies over to our neighbors, especially if they have opposite views so we know why the hell their opinions matter so much to them"


    "Traveling is such a pain in the ass! Berlin was 12 hours in commercial. I saw 3 AVENGERS movies but that only killed half the flight. I got drunk on free whiskey samples in Dublin. Getting blitzed does help with jet lag though"


    "We live in a Puritan world. The Natives were blown away by the Pilgrims. “Hey, just chill. Your crops are dead. You don’t have heat for the winter. You don’t take baths. Just have some pemmican seeds and smoke some peyote”.


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