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    The ordinary can be extraordinary

    New Asianism is a site dedicated to those doing the 9- 5, working at "jobs" to build a better Life...

    New Asianism shows you ways to make Life a little better.

    • To get more out of your Time.
    • To get more satisfaction.
    • To create more free Time and excitement.
    • To live, love and learn just a bit better.

    New Asianism shows you the people, places and things that are doing it. That have added to their lives, with that little extra "oomph".


    Like Aria Dimalanta (pictured), Geisha Gorgeous Asian from Guam who uses martial arts, meditation and minimalism to "find your inner beauty and reflect it externally".


    New Asianism shows that you may be in the 9- 5, but you can bring 24/ 7 Joy to everyday living.



    Ben Pak

    Walked away from business Success to a dream of public service

    For anyone who's said "I'm stuck because I need the money", Ben left a multi- million dollar business in healthcare to start from the bottom as a political aide. The Answer- He worked his way up to a successful career in government, and is the example of "having the balls to walk away and walk into your dream".

    Rebecca Forstadt

    Wanted adventure and became the Gaijin Queen of Japanese Anime

    Rebecca could have had the comfortable suburban Life but instead left the country to pursue a creative Life, going all the way to Japan to find it.. The Answer- Not knowing the language, in a patriarchal society, she made a career as a voice artist in Japanese animated movies and proves you can "get out and find your adventure".

    Harmonizing LIfe

    The Power of Music and Rhyme to change your Life

    Musicians like Nathan Safchuk know that rhythm and words can stimulate minds and change lives.  The Answer- Using music, melody, and the written word, Nathan shows how to bring together your energies and revive old, stale thinking into new power that will help you deal with stress and revive long dormant memories that will get you back to your real Self.

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    Why New Asianism?

    People, places, things that are the Asian principles to "Better Life"

    Sick and tired of being in a rut, trapped, in it just for the money, running in place? New Asianism shows you ways to get out. The Answer- Meet the people who've escaped, get services from those who can help, find the way out when everything you've done is a dead end, get harmony, center, balance back into your Life, and especially, come into your full potential.

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