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  • Hey, what's the New Asianism?

    Let me introduce myself.

    My name is Terry Chung (I go by Tae).

    I'm an award-winning educator with 20 + years in private, public, and adult education

    After accumulating a 6 figure income and the commensurate lifestyle, I LOST IT ALL through divorce and downsizing. I realized that traditional education was only a "front" for the "Life education" I lacked.


    I realized the brainwash that we're fed about the "good Life" and the "happy ending". I had to go back to my roots-

    • being raised by 2 amazin' Asian women on a farm in Montana
    • the values and culture of the "Asian way" that made my parents, my relatives, and the 1000s of immigrant students I'd dealt with in my career, so successful

    In the process, I developed the principles of LIFEJITSU, based on my insights and reconnection with my Asian roots, as well as the invaluable lessons learned from my years in martial arts, of which I own a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu.

    Live by the "Ronin Rules" be like the wandering Samaurai

    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, New Asian in Disguise listened to his Dad like a good Asian son

  • FAQs

    What is New Asianism?


    It's "Life education" based on small town values, lessons from my 2 amazin' Asian women parents, and the "Immigrant mind" of the 1000s of immigrant students I dealt with in my education career.


    What is "Lifejitsu"?


    LIFEJITSU is the "experience of Life education". It allows you to break through the brainwash of "20 years school- 40 years work- retire to 0". Most of Western thought is totally different to Asian concepts of Bushido, Zen, martial arts. These are the basis of Asian success. "Most problems in Life are solved by easing the weight of mental freight". We do this by reconnecting mind- body- Spirit and finding "flow" in all things.


    How does it work?


    I've seen a wide variety of people who are really good at their jobs but their lives outside that fall apart; just like me. I turned a blind eye till it was too late. I now realize the Asian "go for broke" philosophy has precedence in our hitory. It's the what's allowed us to thrive for ages. It's the way we should live not intermittently, but 24/7. By adopting the "Zen" of Asian philosophy, we gain humility and wisdom. Through Bushido we gain meaning and purpose. Through Major Movement Awareness (MMA), we gain yin-yang balance and integration of mind-body- Spirit. By "regressing" the mind to nature, we gain the meditative "openness" that I found on the Montana farm. You will find a new awareness that-


    1) establishes the relationship of mind- body- Spirit

    2) blends whatever crisis arises

    3) resolves such conflicts to harmony between internal and external


    In other words, by enlightening within, you are lighter without.


    Is this like a "New Age" self help thing?


    There is nothing "New Age" about this. In fact, I can't stand the word. Old ways create the new, so if anything, it is drawing from old wisdom for the new world we live in. Tossing away the "old ways" that don't work and applying "new ways" of thinking. It worked for me, but only after I ceased telling myself I was "OK" when I was far from it. New Asianism is the new way of letting age work for you. We've been eroded by so many distractions, but once we quiet our minds and focus, the results speak for themselves. Asians are #1 in education, income, and happiness (Pew). New Asianism LIFEJITSU is designed to turn around what's not working, to an Asian way of being.





    We reject the "myths" that keep us conventionalized and "in the box"

    • Why "broke" is good
    • Lessons in connective communication through Aikido
    • How to use negative Power emotions for positive results
    • Bruce Lee branding
    • "Go for broke!" Lessons from inmates in America's 1st concentration camps






  • My Creds

    Seeking to discover the "New Asia World"

    20 + years educator, business, entrepreneur, lecturer, Licensed financial professional, Ex-Production executive at Disney and Paramount Studios, Educational and curriculum development at Gay and Lesbian Center Los Angeles, Board member at Pierce College Foundation

    and featured in Singular Magazine.


    The most important qualification is the Life I've lived. I've been near the top, at the middle,and the lowest of low, living out of my car (temporarily).I now realize the Asian- immigrant values of "go for broke- gambler- YOLO" philosophy has preserved our history. To rise from the ashes is a virtue. It's the innate quality that's caused Asians to thrive for ages.

  • June 21, 2018
    June 21, 2018
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