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  • Hey, what's the New Asianism?

    Let me introduce myself.

    My name is Terry Chung (I go by Tae).

    I'm a failed Asian

    I did everything the "right way" and it went wrong


    I was the good Asian boy who sucked at math and science


    I gained everything I was "supposed" to have and lost it all


    I had to go back to my roots to find a better future

    Asian principles to better Life

    • What do you really want and why?
    • How can you get the true things that you want?
    • How can you find meaning and purpose?
    • How can you find people to help you?
    • How can you find real joy in all that you do?


    These are virtues Asians have been figuring out and refining for 1000s of years.


    New Asianism offers ways you can do from people who have done it

  • About

    When I went through divorce, downsizing, and debt, I was a failed Asian.

    Everything I believed in collapsed.

    I even lived out of my car temporarily.


    Why did this happen?

    Because I wasn't living the Life I was put on this earth to do

    I wasn't following my purpose and passion

    I was using my tremendous gifts on the wrong thing

    I'd lost the connection of my mind, body, Spirit

    I didn't have enough support

    I wasn't enjoying my Life


    I had to re-learn the way back to my Life

    Using Asian prnciples taught by my 2 amazin' Asian women parents

    By my growing up an "Asian cowboy" in Montana

    By the Asian relatives and family who "made" it

    By the 1000s of immigrant students in my 20 + years in education


    I started seeking out the "way"

    I talked to people who were living "better Life"

    They adhered to some overriding principles;


    1) you have to SELL the vision, 1st to yourself

    2) you have to integrate mind, body, Spirit

    3) you have to build a positive support team

    4) you have to rigorously seek out Food, Fun, and Freedom


    These principles formed the foundation of New Asianism

    Perhaps they can help you to better Life



    MONTANA BISON BALLSIFICATION. I'm from Montana, and I observed cowboys. They're hard, rough, kind, gentle, and they make love to Mother Nature with balls too big for their Levis. If you're living the soft, pussified Life of non- challenge, being suffocated by routine, and feel yourself shrinking day by day; you need to experience and grow a pair in the greatest nature known to man. You need to do so with a real live Asian cowboy who can show you the ropes. As the Genghis said, "you never know yourself as well as when you've killed something". Not guaranteed you will kill anything, but you will fill your lungs with the nature of the Big Sky and go through a mind- body- Spirit excursion that will change your Life.


    THE NEW BOOK by Robin Kellogg. Everybody needs a TLC (Tiger- Lion- Cub) Mom because they are the best of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" with Asian Tiger Mom. TLC's are responsible for every great person who every achieved every great thing in every great civilization. Robin Kellogg was a TLC Mom who faced the worst crisis of Life when her child was diagnosed with a serious illnes. How she managed crisis when her Life turned upside down and turned it into triumph is the essence of her book A LIFE PUT ON HOLD.

  • My Creds

    Seeking to discover the "New Asia World"

    20 + years educator, business, entrepreneur, lecturer, Licensed financial professional, Ex-Production executive at Disney and Paramount Studios, Educational and curriculum development at Gay and Lesbian Center Los Angeles, Board member at Pierce College Foundation

    and featured in Singular Magazine.



  • June 21, 2018
    June 21, 2018
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